Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday - August 30

1. I am thankful for 10 straight days of quiet time with God in the morning. I am thankful I am getting back to my routine; I so love quiet time alone with God. Only quiet part of my day.

2. I am thankful for 9 straight days of exercising. I am not as consistent with this habit as I'd like to be, but I am starting fresh and so far have 9 straight days.

3. I am thankful ODD is home! I know she had a wonderful time, but something is missing when she's not around and I am happy to have her back.

4. I am thankful for all the tomatoes coming out of our garden. So delicious.

5. I am thankful my father-in-law found the number of the engine sitting in my garage so we can get it on Craig's List soon.

6. I am thankful my FIL to 1 large and 1 small box out of our garage. It's that much closer to us being able to put a punching bag in there which I am longing for.

7. I am thankful my husband acknowledged that he may not be ready to go back to work right now. He's anxious to get back as he hasn't worked since December 26, 2011. This week I've been trying to get him to entertain the idea that his doctor won't release him next week like he was hoping, and after a couple days of thinking he agrees.

8. I am thankful my grandfather is a man of God. We are going to lose him shortly, but he has lived a long life and just wants to go home to see Jesus. I want him to be able to do that with as little suffering as possible. My Grandpa grew up on a farm in Minnesota and for as long as I could remember he had a huge garden in his backyard. I have been blessed to talk gardening with him in the past. It's been a blessing to hear him tell me I'm the only one of his kids and grandkids who took up gardening. Memories that come with me every time I step into my garden.


  1. Ooohh, a punching bag. We have contemplated getting one. Glad she's home. April comes home tonight or tomorrow, and yes it's definitely different when she's gone too.

  2. I'm out of Facebook. Where is the like button on blogs?