Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Homeschool Mother's Journal - February 23

In my life this week… I have been running running running. My husband has not felt well and can't do the little things here & there to help me out. I always miss those things. We do not usually have lots of places to go and people to see because YDD is a total homebody. Unfortunately this week has been one with lots of going and she's not coping. Interestingly I've discovered a return of some behaviors we saw a lot when she was in public school so I've connected that this is how she acts when stressed with too much going. Nice to connect the dots, but I don't like stressing a kid to find the connection. On the upside, next week my boy is going to be away from home 5 nights which will be nice for all of us. And I am controlling the going that I can so hopefully YDD will settle again. And I managed to push DH into going to see his primary doctor on Friday and we know what's going on and have help, so he is already feeling better. I LOVE our primary.

Photos, video, link, or quote to share…

The girls are taking swim lessons for the first time. We got very lucky and they have a teacher all to themselves. ODD is flourishing; her teacher says she's an athlete. YDD is doing very good and is relaxing with her teacher.

My happy little water monkeys
In our homeschool this week… Monday we cleaned the girls' bedrooms. All day. YDD's got completely done, but ODD's still working on hers. I'm thankful their rooms are tiny or we'd really be in trouble! I'm also adjusting our Tuesday schedule. The girls have swim lessons in the morning and art class in the afternoon, and I've been trying to fit as many of our usual lessons as possible. This is frustrating all 3 of us, so my new plan is to make Tuesdays be reading days. We'll focus on our current read aloud or the girls can read their current novels or history supplemental reading. All stuff that is read, but has no additional assignments.We got a lot done, but not what I had planned. Only 2 days did we fit Rosetta Stone in. That bothers me a little, so I keep reminding myself over and over that we got a lot of school done by looking at my iCal.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… watch your students. I've noticed Tuesdays they are tired and have been tweaking with their schedule bit by bit, but I kept watching my girls and my little tweaks were not enough.

Favorite resource this week... Grammar-Land. My girls have to do state testing this summer and we haven't formally studied grammar at all. They know how to use language written and orally, but we've never talked about what an adjective and so on is. A friend mentioned this because my girls love stories so much, and this week we tried it. I only printed out the first couple chapters at first, but the girls asked for it again which is always a good sign. Friday I printed out the rest of the book and the free worksheets, so we're ready to go with grammar.

I am inspired by… an hour drive in my car. I had to drive up to the hospital to get medication for my husband, and I was by myself for the trip. I spent it praying and singing and was so refreshed by the time I got home. God blessed the necessary errand.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Wednesday we attended our first Ukrainian Egg Painting class. It's at a friends house and we get to spend time with some homeschooling families we don't get to see very often which is very cool. Here are the girls working on the start of their project:

My favorite thing this week was… cooking and baking for our Harry Potter book club. I made the kids Paddington Burgers and Hagrid's Birthday Cake for Harry. The cake looked properly smashed:
All my recipes came from this cookbook which we've used before and LOVE:
My kids' favorite thing this week was... the Harry Potter Book Club. We started their wands:
We're using this Pin for our inspiration, and thankfully I'm the only one who got burned with the hot glue gun!

I’m thankful for… so many things but I didn't get a chance to write my weekly thankfulness post. I think this is the first time I've missed.This week I am thankful for our primary doctor. I am thankful he now works blocks from our house so we didn't have to cancel the Harry Potter book club. I am thankful for the peals of laughter that rang out in my house during the book club. I am thankful for friends. It's taken us a while to find friends since leaving public school and we're getting there. I am thankful we received confirmation of payment from DH's long-term disability department and so we're done dealing with that department. I am thankful for free grammar curriculum that my girls enjoy. I am thankful for iCal which tracks what we did and reassures when I fear we've done little that we've actually done a lot. I am thankful that in this week and a half of DH feeling awful and missing work that we're not in the hospital and we've been able to ride the storm out at home together.

I’m praying for… a family going through divorce, a family having a much rockier road post-transplant than we have experienced, and DH's donor family.



  1. That pool looks fabulous! I miss taking littles to swim lessons.

  2. My kids don't deal well with busy, busy weeks either. Sounds like you had a lot of fun stuff going on though. Sorry that your husband was sick. That is hard. I hope you have a great week.