Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gardening Report - March 30

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Our big garden news this week is that YDD and I planted bulbs in a bed I've turned over to her. She really loves having her very own bed to make decisions about.

I tilled up the ground and YDD weeded. Much to my dismay, this bed got used to construction garbage during the kitchen remodel, so she also found lots of garbage.

YDD was impressed with the connecting roots of this weed. Momma? Not so much. I do really love how closely she observes the nature around her.

YDD decided we needed a picture of Momma weeding, too.
YDD bringing over the wheel barrow. I dug our planting spot and used the wheelbarrow to hold the dirt rather than try to find a place for it in the bed. Little more dirt lifting involved this way, but the planting went smoother.

These are the lily bulbs she picked out. We haven't seen bulbs like this before.

YDD planting her freesia. These are the kind of bulbs we're used to seeing.
 I haven't done much in our 4 garden boxes yet. Last fall I covered them in grass clippings and leaves, so this Spring my garden prep has been pretty easy. I've also started carrots, tomatoes and bell peppers in the house and spinach outside, but there's not much to show there. Hopefully next week will be more exciting.


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  1. Very cool. We got our ground tilled last weekend. I hope to get my greens planted soon!