Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankfulness - March 28

We have had direct contact with DH's donor's family this week, and my heart hurts for them. DH is now 10.5 months post-transplant and that's so exciting for us. He is getting stronger and doing more & more. It's amazing to watch. It's amazing to experience. But just to the north of us is another family on the opposite end of the spectrum from us. They are facing one of the biggest hurdles in their grieving: the first anniversary of the young man's death. So this week has been another period of being acutely aware of this other family we are connected to and yet don't know. I pray for them often and make sure I take time to enjoy & name my blessings.

1.  I am thankful for the chance to try new things. DH is making a couple kinds of beef jerky in the smoker he got for Christmas, and we're enjoying planning other kinds of jerky and meat in the smoker. I am growing from seeds for the first time and I am loving that. Seeing those first little bits of green is exciting.

2. I am thankful for a good doctor who listens to me and then gives me his opinion even when it's not something I want to hear. I am thankful there are things I can do to get my porphyria back in control, that I don't just have to hang on for the ride. I am thankful that this episode is not nearly as bad as episodes I've lived through in the past. I am thankful that 3 days after starting the carbo loading that I am starting to notice a change in how I feel.

3. I am thankful for the chance to get into my garden this year. Last year at this time DH was so so so sick and all my focus was on that and just keeping the family running. His first OHSU stay was 2 weeks in April and his 2nd was 3 weeks in May which interfered greatly with garden planning and planting. <grin> So I am thankful that this year I can enjoy planning my garden and take time to work in my garden. I am thankful that life is way more normal this year than it was last year.

4. I am so very thankful for the change in my husband's mindset. Before the transplant, he didn't want to plan anything. We didn't talk about graduation plans for DS. We didn't talk about improvements to the house. We didn't talk about the future hardly at all. Within days of the transplant, that all changed. Now we spend hours talking about this plan or that plan. From big plans like a trip to Disneyland this sumer to celebrate DS's high school graduation to little things like garden or jerky planning.

5. I am thankful for the adaptability of homeschool. The girls do not like copywork or memory work, and have become more vociferous in that opinion. This week I talked with DH and decided to drop copywork. ODD writes very well in cursive and YDD's printing has improved beautifully. Just like that I can take my students' opinions into account and make a change; how awesome is that?

I am thankful that my girl who looks more like a woman every week still likes to spend time like this.
I am thankful the sun called to my daughter so much that she decided to read her new library books outside combing two of her favorite activities.


  1. It has been so amazing to watch/read about your family's journey this year. It must have been so difficult to meet the donor's family. I will keep them in my prayers.

  2. Yay for gardening, and making plans, and the flexibility of homeschooling! I agree with Theresa--it has been amazing to hear of the journey your family has been on. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. How wonderful and amazing for making plans!! That whole mindset is a gift after last year. I started reading your blog just before a donor was found for your hubby. It is such a pleasure to be looking back at that as a memory in the past :-) I am also glad this episode is better than before.