Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Day in the Life - 18YO, 12YO & 9YO

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Our local homeschool group moms are meeting on Monday to share about our days, so I thought I'd prepare with a blog post. We don't have a schedule; we follow more a rhythm or routine. We tend to do thing in the same order, but the times vary depending on the day. This is a different routine from when we started homeschooling 3 years ago, but it's what works for us now. The flexibility to change the routine as needed also works for us.

A typical day last year.

7a - Dad gets up and in the shower. This morning YDD is also up at this time; she get up 7-9:30a. I also got up since YDD was up.

7:30a - Dad leaves for work. YDD and I are existing in quiet doing our own things. I am on the computer checking facebook and blogs. I start working on a post about our recent snow days which I will actually get posted about 10a after working on it off & on for a few hours. YDD is reading.

8a - YDD asks if I would like her to make oatmeal for me for breakfast. So she goes in and starts it cooking on the stove. She also gets out bowls, spoons and sugar for the serving part which I do. The boy gets up, showers and eats. Somewhere in this morning I spent a little time with my Beth Moore Bible study and adding to my thankful list. Not long enough, but I did it.

9a - I make bread because we've run out and payday is not for 3 more days.  While I am working on the bread, I unload and reload the dishwasher, and get my lunch out of the freezer. YDD washes a load of laundry with her swimsuit in it; she had a lesson last night and another tomorrow night so we have a short window to get it clean. Then she goes back to reading. DS starts working on his chores for the day; he's cleaning bathrooms. This has been a struggle with him the previous 2 days this week.

9:30a - I jump in the shower. We have an old water heater so I rarely shower in the morning. I usually do it in the afternoon while the girls are working on independent activities [often spelling and math practice].

10a - ODD gets out of bed, eats and showers. She starts her day later because she needs more sleep. Those teen hormones have kicked in. The boy leaves the house to go for a walk. We've been trying to get him to be more active since October, but it's been a huge struggle. Thankfully today he walks without a reminder. I've exchanged emails all morning with my husband as we discuss our son, chores and consequences. Again. Parenting a child with Asperger's is exhausting and even though he's 18, we're not even close to done.

11a - ODD heads upstairs to get dressed. YDD moves her laundry into the dryer. I put my bread dough into loaf pans and let it rise again. ODD sanitizes all the handles in the kitchen since we keep getting sick this winter. YDD starts new water bottles of tea brewing. I go through 2-3 bottles a day so this is a never ending chore around here. We're looking ahead to noon when we will start school. It's time to start focusing.

11:30a - The dishwasher is running. Dinner is defrosting; I am thankful I have frozen cooked onions because that cuts down on a step for me. I love my freezer and put it to great use to speed all the meals I have to cook from scratch. I got meat defrosting for tomorrow's dinner. ODD is cooking and wants to make spaghetti. Both girls are eating while they read for 30 minutes before we start our book learning. The boy comes down to eat lunch before we get started on school.

12p - The boy is back upstairs hopefully working on learning Ruby. The girls and I get started with our God Time. ODD reads Case for Faith by herself while YDD and I do a day's reading in The One Year Mother Daughter Devo by Dannah Gresh. By the time YDD does her memory work, ODD is done reading, so we pray together. YDD takes a break and ODD and I talk about her day's reading. She recites her memory work and writes 2 more verses on index cards. We're in the process of changing over to the Charlotte Mason memory box system.

12:30p - 15 minute break. I get the bread in the oven and prep for history; the girls do their own thing until the timer goes off.

12:45p - Story of the World history I set an hour aside for this work period. I read the day's selection, we go over the review questions, and then the girls write their narrations. ODD generally gets done with history in this work period while YDD needs another 30-60 minutes. Today I eat soup while helping YDD generate her writing.

1:45p - 15 minute break. The girls eat bread and I work on meal planning and a grocery list.

2p - ODD spends 10 minutes finishing up history and then spends 20 minutes working on Japanese. She's working on memorizing Hiragana and writing the characters properly. YDD keeps working on her history narration. I am meal planning, checking eye insurance coverage and helping YDD. Always multi-tasking.

Writing is better with bears.
2:30p - 15 minute break. ODD calls a friend and YDD reads some more. I continue working on the meal planning project.

2:50p - Our writing period. ODD is working her way through Wordsmith Apprentice. She does this on her own and I look over her work after. We both like her independence. YDD continues to work on her history writing.

3:20p - 15 minute break. I have finished my meal planning and shopping list and my brain is mush. Time to empty the dishwasher and do other various kitchen chores before the next work period. The boy wandered down for a snack and then scooted back upstairs.

3:35p - This is supposed to be math, but YDD is not quite done with her writing. So she finishes that and spends 15 minutes working on Sumdog math practice. ODD works through a chapter of Life of Fred and then spends 15 minutes on Then they switch: ODD does Sumdog for 15 minutes and YDD does This wraps up our formal schooling for the day.

4:30p - The girls work on creating Valentines bundles to give at our local homeschool group's Valentine's Day party on Friday. I am tired and just goof around. Not time to make dinner since Dad won't be home until 5:30-6. Make an an eye appointment for ODD for tomorrow; start pondering how to change tomorrow's routine to accommodate the appointment.

5:20p - Dad gets home, so YDD and I start dinner. ODD finished the Valentines bundles.

5:50p - We eat and watch the Winter Olympics.

6:10p - The boy has disappeared back upstairs. ODD also wanders off to be alone. Dad, YDD and I continue to watch the Olympics.

7p - YDD gets in the shower. ODD gets prepared for bed although she stays up later than YDD and me. More Olympics watching.

8:30p - YDD and I go lights out. ODD stays up working on her art.

10p - ODD goes lights out. Dad and the boy go to bed some time later than 10p; it varies and I am never sure when since I'm already in bed asleep.


  1. Fun to read your day! I've met a few families who like an afternoon start to school, very cool. What is your favorite part of the homeschool day? Do you have a favorite subject to do with the kids?

    1. Our favorite subject/part of the day is history. We really enjoy Story of the World and delving in deeper when we feel like it.

  2. We start school between 1 and 2 each day. I just can't function till the house under control and no one moves quickly in the am. I like knowing I'm not alone :).

    1. I love the internet for helping us see we're not alone. Among our local homeschoolers, no one starts as late as we do. I like knowing I'm not alone, too.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for giving us a positive peek at homeschooling teens & tweens. Have a blessed year.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed it. I didn't expect so much traffic when I wrote it.

  4. I enjoyed your post. I can relate because I have 2 teens and an 11-year old, and we sometimes don't get our schooling started until the afternoon. I can tell you are a devoted mother.

    1. Thank you for that lovely compliment! So happy you enjoyed the post.