Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday - February 20

thankful thursday

I keep hoping each week life will ease up and give us a break, and it has yet to happen. This week brought even more stress inducing issues into our home. Yet through it all, there are blessings from God to be thankful for.

I am thankful I do not know the future; had I any idea what the future held/holds for me, I would give up. Thankfully I don't know. Thankfully God gives me the strength I need for today; just enough for today and that's all I need. I am thankful we finally have the new medicine for YDD and we're on day 2; praying that this will help her. I am thankful for the counseling I finally got set up for her [for all of us], and I am thankful our first appointment is next Tuesday. I am thankful for a friend who is a text away with prayers; I am thankful for an afternoon with her processing emotions and events that were chaotic. I am thankful for the calm behavior my son has exhibited since his blow-up Monday morning. I am thankful YDD didn't witness the event. I am thankful [once again] for the flexibility of my husband's job, so he could come right home and help me with the boy. It's been a week of feeling out of my groove and off which has included school; I am thankful for all the "not planned ahead of time" schooling done this week. I am thankful that a Momma off her groove does not mean learning comes to a halt. I am thankful for the gift of music. I am thankful for the gift of cinnamon rolls from my husband this morning.

I am thankful to be surrounded by people who lift us up in prayer. I am thankful for God who listens to each one of us and wants to know every detail of our lives. I am thankful nothing is too small or too big to bring to Him. I am thankful He knows the best pathway for my life especially in times like this when I struggle to see how this could possibly be the best for me. I am thankful God is good. I am thankful I don't need to understand everything to trust and have faith. I am thankful that while I am blind, He is not. I am thankful my God is far bigger than any of my problems ever.

I am very thankful for the junior high pastor at our church. The question of what happens to people who commit suicide came up in ODD's small group last week, and she was not comfortable with the answer she was given. She talked to me, and then talked this week to the pastor. I am so very thankful his answers were more biblically based and mirrored what I had talked to her about. Suicide is a big concern for her because my husband's donor committed suicide. I am thankful for this pastor's hand in helping ODD heal and process such a huge issue. He was a huge blessing to us this week.


  1. I'm so glad we're neighbors at Thankful Thursday! It's wonderful to meet you. I am thankful I don't need to understand everything to trust and have faith. - YES!! Thank you for this post, so encouraging! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  2. It is nice to know adn be surrounded by those that lift us up in prayers. i think that is an awesome gift and something to grateful for when I think so many dont have that. What a blessing.